Photoshop Beginners Course

Start making more money by creating incredible designs though this easy-to-understand Photoshop Course.


Who is this course for?

This Photoshop course is for those people who want to:

  • Get a full time job as a graphic designer.
  • Start their freelance career as a graphic designer or increase their current revenue by making better designs.
  • Create Content for Social Media.
  • Learn photo editing to make their photographs look better for clients.

What results you will get after taking this course?

For Beginners:

You will be able start earning as a graphic designer.

For Freelancers:

You will be able to increase your revenue and will be more confident in charging more for your design services.

For Content Creators:

You will be able to attract more brands and clients through your designs.

For Photographers:

You will be able charge more for your Photography because you will also be able to provide retouching and editing services to your clients.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Course Description

Hello, my name is Talha and I'm an Adobe Photoshop Instructor.

If you are someone who is just a beginner or even someone who has never even opened Photoshop before, this course is for you. Together we will learn everything step-by-step from scratch.

This is a task based course. Instead of trying to learn every single tool which most of the time you don't even need, we will take real world examples and then learn the necessary tools to make beautiful designs using them.

By the end of this course you will have amazing editing skills.

  • Easily remove background of a subject using a mask and yes, cut out that difficult hair too!
  • Amazing and fun text effect which you can place on any poster.
  • How to remove things and also duplicate stuff.
  • There is also a section in which you will learn how to edit different body parts, like changing color of eyes, making shiny hair and the most important one. How to make yourself look slim.
  • And finally, we will learn how to make a Vogue like magazine cover.

And after every important section, you will be given a task. So, that you could implement what you will learn.

Can't wait to see you in the course! Kindly download the project files from the link below and lets get started!

What you will learn in this course?

(Course Curriculum)

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  Section 1
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  Section 2
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  Section 3
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  Section 4
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  Section 5
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  Section 6
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  Section 7
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  Section 8
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best instructor ever, i took many online classes but that is one of the very unique and easy to follow and understand instructor. thank you so much

- Vinay Raval

I really enjoyed this class. Very helpful and to the point, lots of examples and explanations. A++.

- Mega Joules

Great teacher, very interesting and engaging course, easy to follow, but one thing has really disappointed me - the quality of subtitles and transcription is very low. English is not my first language so I struggle sometimes at listening, subtitles are essential for good understanding and here I can feel like those are autogenerated with a load of mistakes and unclarities, also it could be very helpful if simple instructions could be given, like textual representation of button combinations or following steps. For now, it is really a big problem sometimes to understand is it Cmd+J or Cmd+G or Cmd+D, etc. Hope it will be improved soon!

- Made Shiny

This course is closed for enrollment.